It will be okay,

It will be okay, dear human.

It will be okay, as the Urban Dictionary explains, is something you’re told when you know it’s not okay. I've heard this little sentence far too many times in my life when really nothing was anywhere in the vicinity of okay. But, through the years I’ve learned that these very words can lead to so much inner peace, and sometimes even rainbows. Let me explain.

What does "it will be okay" really mean?

It will be okay. Consider the literal meaning of these words. Some day, some way, it will be all right. Do you know what that also means? That therefore, right now, it does NOT have to be all right - and you don't have to do everything and anything in your power to make it better. Because if it will be okay one day anyway, then it is also allowed to be thoroughly not-okay in this very moment.

We all have a tendency to meet our less pleasant moments as our enemies, as something to brace ourselves for. But it’s actually the bracing that does the most damage.

Glennon Doyle describes this bracing beautifully in her book ''Untamed'':

”From the outside I imagine it looks like a straightening, a stiffening. From the inside it feels like turning my liquid self to a solid. Water to ice. Glennon has left the building.”

Your authentic self and the here and now are inseparably connected – you can only connect with yourself when you are fully present, when you're truly living in the moment.

👉🏻 So, what if you tried to meet each moment, pleasant or not, as a friend?

Don't forget: Change is the only constant.

One thing you know for sure, is that everything is always changing; every moment and every feeling will pass. If you take a second to contemplate this, what do you think leads to more inner peace? Vigorously trying to make the best out of every single situation or taking the moments as they come?

What if?

  • What if you stopped trying to turn a sad moment into a lesson?
  • What if you stopped trying to find gratitude in your frustrations?
  • What if you stopped trying to turn a ''meh'' moment/evening/day into an awesome one?

What if you just allowed that moment to be ''meh'' and what if the sadness and frustration didn't have to bring you anything except the experience itself? What would your life look like if you would just leave the silver linings be and accept the moments as they come?

You don't have to experience some kind of zen-like acceptance, by the way. When you simply decide that this moment is not going to be (anywhere near) optimal, it doesn't have to be, and your heart can relax. Those are the moments in which you can genuinely be fully present – and, sometimes, even discover a rainbow.

Accepting the rain to see the rainbows

Whenever it rains, we protect ourselves with our umbrellas and raincoats; we stay inside as much as possible and when we are outside, we rush and habitually keep our gaze down. Anything to catch as few drops as possible. We seem to think we can actually outsmart the rain with all those protective layers and extra haste, but the thing we're really running from is the reality of the present moment.

Of course, there is by no means always a rainbow to be seen whenever it's raining. Nor is that the point here. The point, basically, is that you can be more fully present if you don't try to dodge the raindrops, but just feel and accept them. Look up (or at least not down) and invite the rain onto your face.

Who knows, you might find a ray of sunshine in that very moment, within yourself, taking you to the rainbow that lives inside of you. 🥰

Surrender is key

This surrender opens the door the all the gorgeous colors of your authentic self. You don't have to look for it. It will come to you when you take life as it comes.