What if you could get out of your head and come home to yourself in just 6 minutes?

Imagine how much more secure and at ease you’d feel when you know how to clear your headspace & cultivate self-compassion anytime your mind loses its marbles.

Consider this visualization your fast-track ticket to calming your overactive mind and coming back to yourself (and the present moment).

With this free guided visualization you’ll be able to …

  • 🎤 anyplace, anywhere, anyytiiiime … come back to yourself and the present moment;
  • break free from your current mental prison (you know – overthinking, negative self-talk, analysis paralysis etc.) in just a little over 6 minutes;
  • create space between your thoughts, feelings & experiences and your authentic self;
  • take back your power whenever your mind has entered hurricane mode;
  • and cultivate self-compassion + grow your self-trust. 💛

All so you can reconnect with yourself and feel lighter AND more secure.

Here’s what others are saying about this guided visualization + very similar ones:

‘’Wow, this is such a nice meditation. Your voice is so pleasant!! I know I will be returning to this one regularly …’’
- Linda, healer
‘’Wonderful! It gets you into a softer, more self-compassionate mood, with Shirley’s lovely voice and background music included. Such a gift to listen to!’’
- Saar, author
‘’Man, what a delightful meditation! 🤩🤩 Your voice and the music really create some kind of serene tranquility. 💖’’
- Iris, blogger
Shirley de Koster

Meet your self-compassion sidekick – Shirley

Hey, it’s Shirley, and I’m obsessed with providing people like you, who sometimes live in their heads A BIT too much, with fluff-free, practical tools to get them the hell out of there and into a life they love. 🥰

After living in my head for most of my life and feeling worse and worse every day, I went on to learn everything I could get my hands on about mindset & psychology.

Over many years I’ve filtered out all the things that REALLY worked and sprinkled the *sweet sauce of self-compassion* all over it. Ever since I have used these tools daily to get out of my head and reconnect with myself and have helped hundreds of others do the same. 💃🏻

One of those tools is this delightful FREE guided visualization.

Are you ready to get out of your head and come home to yourself?

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