Imagine if you could live a life that feels lighter, brighter and a hell of a lot more true to you. I can help you get there.

Here’s what I know about you.

  • You often find yourself daydreaming about all the things you would be doing if you were just a little more confident, a little less stuck in your head, and a shit ton less hard on yourself.
  • You’ve tried following the advice of ALLLL the gurus, but it never seems to work for you. It might inspire you, and it might work for a little while, but it always leaves you screaming on the inside: BUT HOW!?
  • You started this journey into self-discovery & self-transformation because you wanted to feel more powerful and at peace in your daily life. But you keep hitting roadblocks.
  • And you feel that if only you had the tools to find your way back to yourself and the present moment anytime you need to, you could ACTUALLY start to feel calm, confident & connected, and you'd know how to keep it that way.

That’s where I come in.
I’d love to help you get there.

Shirley de Koster

Hi! I’m Shirley

and I create easy & empowering tools to help you find your own way toward a more easeful, joyful & authentic life.

Curious to know how I ended up here? Get cozy, because it’s a bit of story.

I totally get how you’re feeling,
because I’ve been there myself.

You name it, I dance(d) with it. Chronic pain, illnesses, medical trauma, depression, childhood trauma, C-PTSD, an eating disorder, and the list goes on …

This all propelled me into becoming REAL FUCKING GOOD at being anywhere BUT in the present moment and in tune with myself. And let's just say, I do not recommend.

For years, I struggled with overthinking, pleasing, perfecting & proving, being incredibly self-critical and continuously disconnecting from myself, with no clue where to turn for answers.

I tried all the online courses, therapies, retreats and self-help books and was left feeling like there was DEFINITELY something REALLY wrong with me.

But then, after 10 years of struggling, I discovered the practice of self-compassion.

And that’s when things started to click.

The practice of self-compassion helped me take back my power and stay true to myself, even in the hardest of times. Because that’s the thing, life will keep throwing you curveballs, which make it hard to stay present and in tune with yourself; the challenge - and the beauty - is in finding your way back, over and over again.

The practice of self-compassion completely changed my life.
And I realized I wanted to help others like me find their way back too.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve helped hundreds of people cultivate self-compassion and, with that, get out of their heads and come home to themselves.

I can’t wait to support you in finding YOUR way toward a life that feels lighter, brighter & a lot more true to you.

I do things a little differently

I won’t *just* inspire you, and I definitely won’t tell you ALLLL the ways in which you should ''improve'' yourself.

When you choose me as your self-compassion sidekick, you can count on me seeing you for the incredible human being you are AND providing you with fluff-free, practical tools to directly, in the moment, apply to whatever it is you’re struggling with.

Shirley for self-compassion

Here’s the short and sweet of it

I’m here to help you cultivate some sweet, sweet self-compassion, so you can grow your self-trust and create a life that is true to you.

Are you ready for MORE?

I’ve helped hundreds of people get out of their heads and reconnect with themselves, and I’d love to help you do the same.

Discover the toolkitsblog posts and free resources I created to support you in developing more calm, clarity & confidence in your daily life.

Create a lighter, brighter & so much more authentic life

Get out of your head & return to the here and now

Integrate self-compassion into your daily life

Shirley de Koster