Say goodbye to the never-ending (negative) thoughts racing through your mind, making it SO hard to stay true to yourself.

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Say hello to …

Soothing the Stormy Brain

The EASY & EMPOWERING toolkit that will help you overcome overthinking so you can get out of your head and into your life with *clarity & confidence*.

The instant effect of the exercises really surprised me. After just 5 minutes of listening to an audio recording I feel calmer, clearer and more secure. I wish for everyone to be able to experience this!

Kim, teamcoach & department head in the vitality sector

Does this sound familiar?

😔   You’re overwhelmed and think a lot about everything that might go wrong, which stops you from doing (and succeeding in) those things that truly matter to you.

😔   You can ALWAYS count on your inner critic to tell you how you are to blame for, uhm, everything.

😔   You lose hours and hours of your days to thoughts just going around in circles, keeping you from ever REALLY feeling secure or at peace.

😔   All the while doubting the shit out of yourself and wondering if you’ll ever be able to live a life you actually love.

Visual representation of living with a stormy brain:

I cannot stop thinking

As someone who has been overthinking like it’s her job for most of her life 🙋🏻‍♀️, I can promise you: I get it, you are not alone AND it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is EXACTLY why I {Shirley} have created this practical toolkit to help you quickly & confidently take back your power and stop your stormy brain from ruling your life.

Soothing the Stormy Brain isn’t just another method that you have to follow to the letter to possibly benefit from it anywhere in the next year or two.

The tools in Soothing the Stormy Brain are all easy, empowering and instantly applicable.

This is the key to overcoming overthinking in the short AND in the long term, and, with your freed-up time, energy and headspace create a life you love.  🥰

Just imagine how it would feel to not be at the mercy of your racing thoughts anymore, and instead know EXACTLY what you can do in each overthinking moment to break free from your mind-prison.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Holding back from taking courageous steps in your career or relationships, because of your inner critic – NO MORE.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Keeping yourself small in an attempt to prevent your nervous system from going HULK – NO MORE.

🙅🏻‍♀️ And feeling powerless in the face of all your energy-and-self-trust-devouring overthinking – NO MORE.

What if you had every resource you needed right at your fingertips to reclaim your headspace, infuse your life with calm and clarity, and grow your self-trust like crazy?

👉🏻 How would this change your days, weeks and years?

👉🏻 What would you do with your freed-up time, energy and headspace?

👉🏻 What would you have the courage to say YES or NO to?

Here’s the thing. This? Could truly be your reality.



THE collection of practical & powerful tools you’ve always dreamed of to help you stop your stormy brain from ruling your life.

Soothing the Stormy Brain mock-up

Inside this toolkit you’ll find the fluff-free tools to help you:

🤗 Stop trying to control to future & return to the here and now

🤗 Move on from the past & get back on track

🤗 Calm your inner critic & cultivate self-compassion

🤗 Overcome overwhelm & get the clarity you crave

🤗 Get unstuck & reclaim your power in the present

These tools are the key to growing your self-trust, finally getting shit done, and feeling so much more at peace. 💫

👉🏻 Scroll down to take a more detailed look!

One-time payment of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Happiness guarantee.

Don’t just take my word for it! Check out these love notes about this toolkit:

This toolkit is different; it is ACTUALLY practical (not just pretending to be), loving and funny, and the exercises work instantly (not only after 500 tries).

You can just pick the module you need when you need it (and mark it as complete, yay!), so you never listen to anything that’s not relevant to you. And the tools are all really quick and easy to apply during a busy (work)day.

The relief of not having to do it alone, Shirley’s voice gently explaining the tools, helping you to get to know yourself and your brain better – everything breathes ‘’you’re okay, you do you, and I’m here to help’’.


Teamcoach & department head in vitality sector

Shirley has found a perfect combination of clear explanations, quick, practical tools that work instantly, a warmth that makes you feel safe and supported, and a sense of humor that lightens those moments when you’re overwhelmed by thoughts.

This toolkit has made me feel less alone and more in control. You get multiple exercises per subject, so you can always find one that ‘’clicks’’ in a certain situation.

And her meditations … I can just keep listening to them. Shirley knows exactly what to say. Such a calming voice that keeps me engaged from the first few seconds right until the end. Whenever I’m listening to these meditations, I feel so much love for myself – it’s wonderful!

Maaike de Vries

But wait, will this toolkit still be useful if I already tried MANY things to soothe my stormy brain?

I totally get where you’re coming from. It was a very long journey for me too. And I created this toolkit EXACTLY for people like you and me.

You will not find anything in this toolkit like: Schedule worry-time, ‘’just’’ breathe, or journal, or let go of / change your thoughts, or repeat these positive affirmations daily and all will be fixed. 🤢


In this toolkit you get REAL tools, for the beginning AND advanced overthinker, and you actually get the HOW, so you’ll never have to wonder again what to do when your mental sky clouds over. ⛈️


This toolkit will empower you to get yourself out of your head and into your life. It will help you create the space and build the confidence you need to start living a more easeful, joyful & authentic life.

And I am super excited to share these tools with you. 🤩

BUT I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today.

If you don’t love Soothing the Stormy Brain, you can request your money back within 14 days – no questions asked.

That is how confident I am that this is the HOW you’ve been looking for.

– Shirley

”You don’t need to study many books, you just listen to the short clips and meditations and learn how you can train your brain, body and feelings to calm down in every moment – and treat yourself with compassion.

– Ans Tros, psychologist, author and executive coach (

Logo How to Life Hummingbird

Let’s take a more detailed look at Soothing the Stormy Brain



Ever heard of the worry time technique? Yeah, not a fan.

Because WTF do you do with your stormy brain outside of this scheduled time? Nobody tells you that. 🙄😑


In this audio recording (plus transcript PDF) I’ll take you through exactly what you can do to effectively leave the future where it belongs.

No matter what you’re worrying about – from taxes to gremlins – or how often, these tools got your back.

This is how you can reclaim a calm & connected presence.

Overthinking about the future
Overthinking about the past


Whatever stuff from the past is creating this big, fat storm inside your beautiful brain, these tools are here to RIP it all.

In this audio recording (plus transcript PDF) you’ll find (thought) exercises that go far beyond ‘’challenge your negative thoughts’’, or ‘’just distract yourself’’.

You can come back to these tools time and time again, even when it’s only been a few minutes.

They’re here and they’re ready to help you relieve yourself from your rumination, so you can get into action again & create the life you want.


So, your inner critic is throwing a party and all your insecurities are invited.

This is an awful place to be, I know, *big virtual hug*. So I’ve collected all the perspective shifts & thought exercises I know to empower you in moving through these moments with a little more ease + grace.

(And ”just repeat these positive affirmations” is definitely NOT one of these tools.)

In this audio recording (plus transcript PDF) you’ll learn how to turn the spotlight of your attention away from your inner critic and strengthen the connection with your authentic self.

Overthinking because of your inner critic
Overthinking because of overwhelm and decision-making


Your RAM memory is full, you don’t know how to restart the mental computer, and with the minutes and hours going by, you only seem to get farther away from the clarity you’re craving.

I’ve assembled all the tools you need to finally get to your decisions storm-free and start to grow your confidence and courage to actually DO THE DAMN THING. 🔥

2 audio recordings (plus transcript PDF), many ways to get out of analysis paralysis and reconnect with your inner wisdom, so you can make the decisions that are truly right for you.


A stormy brain isn’t always focused on the past or the future, the present has got plenty of stuff to overthink about, too. Don’t you worry. Or … well … I guess you already are. 😉

Well, help is on the way! The help being you, because you are so much more than that hurricane-happy head of yours. There are many different things you can do to help soothe your stormy brain in sucky situations and you’ll learn all about it in this audio recording (plus transcript PDF).

No more mental ‘’does not compute’’ error messages, but instead an open & supportive mindset that will make you feel like you can conquer anything that will come your way.

Overthinking about the present
Soothing the Stormy Brain companion


Listened to the audio recording(s) and just need a refresher or some in-the-moment reminders?

Just peep into this PDF with the concise summaries of each tool.

Anything to lower the threshold for you to apply the quick & easy practices to your current stormy brain situation.



One-time payment of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Happiness guarantee.



🎤Anyplace, anywhere, anyytiiiime … you can come back to yourself and the present moment with this guided visualization.

Getting out of your head and opening the door to self-compassion is the most courageous thing you can choose to do whenever your mind has entered hurricane mode.

This visualization will help you do exactly that.

By reconnecting with yourself and the here and now, you’ll feel more grounded and lighter at the same time.


Soothing your brain is nice, but redirecting it might be even better.

Because it’s a way to let your overachieving brain cells actually be useful for once (😜) by letting them help you get out of this state of stuckness, overwhelm, or anxiety.

This PDF file is the perfect companion to all other tools within Soothing the Stormy Brain, and also extremely helpful on its own.

Different questions for different types of situations, all introducing new perspectives without needing anything but your own beautiful brain.


Going for a walk helps most people collect their thoughts, but how great would it be to listen to a practical meditation that helps you create even more distance between you and your stormy brain DURING your walk?

Many of you asked, so I delivered – I’m cool like that. 😋

This guided outdoor meditation is THE embodied reminder that you are not your thoughts.

PS. Can’t walk or just don’t want to? No problem! You can also do this meditation while sitting on a bench or lying in your garden.

PPS. To all my city guys and gals: your surroundings DO NOT have to be peaceful to reap the full benefits of this meditation.


One-time payment of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Happiness guarantee.

Meet your stormy brain sidekick – Shirley

Hey, it’s Shirley, and I create solutions like this one to help you find your own way toward a more easeful, joyful & authentic life.

It’s my mission to do what most online courses, therapies, retreats and self-help books don’t, and that is not just inspire you, or tell you alllll the ways in which you still need to better yourself, but provide you with fluff-free, practical tools to directly, in the moment, apply to whatever it is you’re struggling with.

And when it comes to overthinking, I know what I’m talking about. 😬

It has taken me years of studying and applying many different methods (ACT, SFT and mindfulness being my favorites) to figure out how to soothe my stormy brain, and after that even more years to refine these tools by helping hundreds of other people break free from their mental prisons & cultivate self-compassion too.

And now, we’re here. ☺️

I can’t wait to support you in getting out of your head, into your life and coming home to yourself. 💛

Shirley de Koster

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Once you have invested the one-time payment in Soothing the Stormy Brain it becomes yours to keep. You have lifetime access.

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One last love note from me to you ♥

If you have scrolled all the way down here, odds are you’re overthinking it. 😜

Just saying ...