Want to *overcome overthinking* and feel calmer & more confident in your daily life without wasting your precious time, energy and money on elaborate programs that somehow never really give you the HOW?

Get ready for THE collection of quick and practical tools you’ve always dreamed of.



Soothing the Stormy Brain

Soothing the Stormy Brain is the EASY & EMPOWERING toolkit that will help you overcome overthinking so you can get out of your head and into your life with *clarity & confidence*.


Be honest, my dear overthinker, does your stormy brain rule your life?

You know that in order to live a life that feels lighter, easier and more true to you, you need to find ways to stop your mind from going 1000 miles per hour and take back the wheel of your life.

And you’ve been trying out different solutions, but no course, book or method ever got you the breakthrough you’re longing for – because none of them actually helped you with the HOW

And that? Has probably got you feeling pretty damn helpless in the face of your restless brain. 😰

😔   You’re overwhelmed and think a lot about everything that might go wrong, which stops you from doing (and succeeding in) those things that truly matter to you.

😔   You can ALWAYS count on your inner critic to tell you how you are to blame for, uhm, everything (say hello to the spiral of pleasing, perfecting & proving).

😔   You lose hours and hours of your days to thoughts just going around in circles, keeping you from ever REALLY feeling secure or at peace.

😔   And honestly? You’re just really tired of the never-ending (negative) thoughts racing through your mind, making it SO hard to stay true to yourself. 

😔   All the while doubting the shit out of yourself, keeping yourself small, and wondering if you’ll ever be able to live a life you actually love.

Visual representation of living with a stormy brain:

I cannot stop thinking

As someone who has been overthinking like it’s her job for most of her life 🙋🏻‍♀️, I can promise you: I get it, you are not alone AND it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is EXACTLY why I {Shirley} have created this practical toolkit to help you quickly & confidently take back your power and stop your stormy brain from ruling your life.

Soothing the Stormy Brain isn’t just another method that you have to follow to the letter to possibly benefit from it anywhere in the next year or two.

The tools in Soothing the Stormy Brain are all easy, empowering and instantly applicable.

This is the key to overcoming overthinking in the short AND in the long term, and, with your freed-up time, energy and headspace create a life you love.  🥰

Imagine how it would feel to know EXACTLY how to keep your cool anytime your mind loses its marbles …

I bet you would feel so much lighter and more at ease, growing your self-trust and self-confidence every day, finally getting shit done, and having the headspace to actually enjoy the life you live. 💃🏻

How I know this? I was once where you are now and the tools I’ve collected + created over the years have turned my life around, and infused it with so much space, clarity, productivity and most of all: JOY.

And the best thing? Now this is possible for you too!



Audio + PDF

Get the tools to help release you from your overthinking prison in any sucky situation, so you can ACTUALLY support yourself in these difficult moments.

Audio + PDF

Learn how to turn the spotlight of your attention away from your inner critic, and strengthen the connection with your authentic self.

Audio + PDF

Let yourself be swiftly, but effectively, guided through the practical tools to leave the future where it belongs and come back to the present moment.

Audio + PDF

Get access to the tools that will help you find relief from your rumination, so that you can get into action again and create the life you want.

Audio + PDF

Acquire different ways of getting out of analysis paralysis and reconnecting with your inner wisdom, so you can make decisions that are true to you.


For some in-the-moment support you can take a peek at these concise summaries of each tool and apply them instantly to your current overthinking struggle.



Come back to yourself and the present moment again and again with this guided visualization by clearing your headspace and cultivating some sweet self-compassion.


Go on a walk or sit outside and listen to this meditation to remind yourself (and actually embody this reminder!) that you are so much more than just your stormy brain.


Redirect the spotlight of your attention by introducing new perspectives & get yourself out of this overwhelmed, stuck, problem-focused state of mind whenever you need to.

Meet your stormy brain sidekick – Shirley

Hey, it’s Shirley, and I create solutions like this one to help you find your own way toward a more easeful, joyful & authentic life.

It’s my mission to do what most online courses, therapies, retreats and self-help books don’t, and that is not just inspire you, or tell you alllll the ways in which you still need to better yourself, but provide you with fluff-free, practical tools to directly, in the moment, apply to whatever it is you’re struggling with.

And when it comes to overthinking, I know what I’m talking about. 😬

It has taken me years of studying and applying many different methods (ACT, SFT and mindfulness being my favorites) to figure out how to soothe my stormy brain, and after that even more years to refine these tools by helping hundreds of other people break free from their mental prisons & cultivate self-compassion too.

And now, we’re here. ☺️

I can’t wait to support you in getting out of your head, into your life and coming home to yourself. 💛

Shirley de Koster



Do you have questions? Here are some answers!

After purchasing you’ll be routed directly to your toolkit.

Once inside you can download the audio and PDF files or just listen & read online. 🚀

Once you have invested the one-time payment in Soothing the Stormy Brain it becomes yours to keep. You have lifetime access.

And, although I don’t plan on it, if I were ever to retire this product, I will give you at least a month notice, so you’ll have more than enough time to download and save these practices & access them into infinity.

The power is in the simplicity. If the tools are complex or elaborate, the threshold for actually applying them is way too high, which means your brain keeps being its stormy self.

You WILL need a bit of courage to open yourself up to the effectiveness of such quick & easy (thought) exercises and visualizations, but it will definitely be worth it. 🙏🏻

Life is all about this moment, and this one, and this one.
Here and now is the ONLY place where we can change something.

That is why instantly applicable tools have a lot more effect than several months-long programs.
These tools will support you in the moment (which makes it a lot easier to keep coming back to them) AND, because you keep coming back to them, help you soothe your stormy brain in the long term, too.

First of all, I like your thinking. 🙃

My answer to that would be:
Directly? No.
Indirectly? Definitely.

With these tools you don’t stop your racing thoughts right in their tracks – we human beings unfortunately do not have that kind of power over our brains.

The power you DO have, the power you reclaim with these tools, is the power to redirect the spotlight of your attention. Your mental sky won’t just instantly clear up, but with the redirection you’ll create space for calmness and confidence to join the party, too.

If you keep redirecting your mind, you WILL create new neural pathways that will make it so much easier for your brain to choose the none-overthinking option more and more over time.

I’ll happily answer any and all of your questions! 😊
Just email them to shirley@moreselfcompassion.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

One last love note from me to you ♥

If you have scrolled all the way down here, odds are you’re overthinking it. 😜

Just saying ...

It’s time to get yourself the tools to soothe your stormy brain & start to create a life you love!